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    Muine is what we call the whole area between the center of Phan Thiet to the far side of the town of Mui Ne to the east. To be correct, Joe’s and the whole tourist center is in Ham Tien Village, which along with the town of Mui Ne and other areas are incorporated into the city of Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan Province. We face south so we get sunrises and moon rises to the left and sunsets to the right. A fifty kilometer sluice of sand comes down from the mountains behind us and so we are built on sand, on a fifty kilometer deep beach. The size of the beach changes with tides and season and tends to be free of sand flees because it is renewed so often. Some times the ocean is farther and sometimes you can jump right in. In general, we have GREAT WEATHER, the best in Vietnam. The sand heats up inland and usually causes a heat draft in the morning and afternoon. This creates predictable and optimal wind conditions to make Muine one the most famous places in the world for wind sports and especially kite-surfing. The breeze keeps temperatures mild while storms and heavy weather famous in southeast Asia seem to wrap around the heat bank inland, keeping us drier. This is the place in Vietnam and one of the driest in Southeast Asia.Muine is full of activities. In addition to water sports there are golf, miniature golf, casino, mud baths and sites of culture and nature.The Cham Towers are about eight kilometers from Joe’s. These 1200 year old remains of the Cham Empire are surrounded by lovely gardens. Walking up to the point you will also encounter a modern Buddhist temple and numerous war remnants including bunkers and pill boxes.Muine is one of the few places to ride around in an old jeep. The Sand Dunes tours include Red Sand Dunes, White Sand Dunes, Fairy Stream, Market and Fishing Village. Generally this takes a half day with a longer time at White Sand Dunes and Fairy Stream. You can ride an Ostrich. Be careful of the 4×4 motos (Quad) which have been introduced (and are popular), unfortunately in an area famous for nature.To the east down the coast is a lovely coustline and many people go to see the lighthouse (Ke Ga) and there is a Sleeping Buddha en route towards Ho Chi Minh City. Joe’s has a pool table and fooseball as well as chess sets!

    Sports and activities:  Staying in our hotel you can enjoy different activities.
    Yoga. Yoga classes are arranged by the certified instructor Thao Springer-Miller at Joe’s Seaside Boutique. Please check the schedule and prices on the reception desk. During the classes we provide students with the yoga mats.
    Swimming pool The swimming pool is opened from 07am until 10 pm. We kindly ask you not to use the swimming pool during the night hours, as it might be dangerous (no safety guard on the site that time). We kindly ask you to take the shower before going into the swimming pool and wear appropriate swim suits. Please do not dive in swimming pool – it might be dangerous.
    Pool table. If you wish to play pool, we kindly ask you to pay 200k VND as a deposit for the pool balls, which will be refund as soon as you return back the entire set.
    Different Games are available on the reception or bar. We kindly ask you to pay 200k VND as a deposit for game, which will be refund as soon as you return back the entire set . If you’d like to train or to practice any kind of sport activity by your own (like yoga, aerobic and etc.) please check on the reception the possibility of that and appropriate place. Any arranging of the group sport activities without approval from the management/owners is strictly forbidden.

    Joe’s Café Muine and Joe’s Garden Resort doing good in the community and the world . Joe’s moto has always been, “Leave each place a little better than you found it.” Joe’s does a lot of good in the world.  Here are tow groups we support.  Joe’s supports the arts!

    Kon Tum
    Joe’s support a french NGO, “Poussieres de Vie” on a professional training project: Young people coming from poor farmer families of centre of Vietnam are given a totally six-months training in Kontum. They are prepared to work in hotel business by following english courses and professional courses as Housekeeping, service and reception. After this training, they follow an internship in partners hotel around Vietnam. And here is Joe’s, giving the students a chance to enter a world far from what they know. Their internship at Joe’s is a bridge between their farming life in the vietnamese countryside and a sustainable job in a highly touristic area, with constant exchange with foreigners. So when you are at Joe’s you can also help them by having few words with our waiters/waitress. Not only giving them the opportunity to actually work in a hotel, Joe’s helps the NGO by giving the students accomodation, support and position offers after their internship.

    Saigon Players
    Saigon Players has dominated community theatre in Ho Chi Minh City since it’s beginnings in 2003.  As a founding member, Joe has enjoyed continuing support for the group after moving to Phan Thiet. In addition to providing financial support, Joe’s Café Muine has provided vouchers for hotel, wine, coffees and food for raffle prizes, bought equipment and best of all, provided a venue for theatre here in Muine. Joe’s hosted the first theatre this area ever experienced with Missed Saigon Productions and The Rocky Horror Show being performed at old and new Joe’s. Saigon Players has provided funds to a variety of great causes in Vietnam.  Joe’s Café is so proud of our association with Saigon players, supporting the arts and wonderful causes ranging from heart surguries to clean water and education.